Practice Practice Practice

Written by Amanda Blanck

There are two main buckets in business: humans and systems. Humans build systems; to grow your business you must grow your people.

Organizations either believe:

  1. Talent and intelligence are fixed. You have it or you don’t.
  2. Leaders can grow and change through effort.

Does your culture support 1 or 2?


Conversation Ratios

Written by Ryan Blanck, CPF, CPT

These posts, Leading Positivity and Positivity Ratio, taught us how our words shape 
our successes and failures. 

We’ve also talked about the Greek philosopher Epictetus’ quote… 

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” 

This and recent events led me to share these lessons with you… 


Ghost calories

Written by Ryan Blanck, CPF, CPT

Two tricks to ward off unwanted weight gain.

I refer to unbillable time, for a client, as ghost hours. This is the extra time and energy we put into a prospective client or project without seeing a return whether it is intentional or unintentional (sometimes we get immersed into things and lose track of time).

Often times ghost hours creep on to the scene and take you by surprise... not to mention they're bad for business.


A Healthy Platter

Written by Amanda Blanck

Bear with me as this blog is a long one and it’s totally worth the read. Our society suffers from an unhealthy mental diet resulting in massive losses of productivity, exhaustion, burnout, and stress.

If this is you, read on. 


Sweaty companies

Written by Amanda Blanck

How you can improve your company by investing in this one minute a day.

I’m dreaming of a company who has mandatory recess breaks where staff members gather to walk dogs, jump rope, throw the football, and play volleyball. At this company, the early-afternoon “crash” doesn’t exist because they don’t allow it to

As a matter of fact, everyone looks forward to their 2PM “brain-break” because they’ve experienced how it propels their creativity, productivity, and mood. In addition to making healthier, happier employees, this company enjoys a collaborative culture!



Written by Amanda Blanck

I love the study of the brain; it helps me be more aware of my thoughts and actions. With wisdom, pristine awareness and a calm abiding mind I can set forth on a more reliable path. 

One of the reasons I decided to be a coach was for all the managers in the world. It is a hard job; your results are based upon the actions of others. To make it even more complicated, each person is unique and motivated differently. Typically managers are not given sufficient development for them to succeed.

Well, managers, here is one tool you can apply when leading people. 


It's time we take a break

Written by Ryan Blanck, CPF, CPT

The divorce everyone needs.

It's over.

There, I said it and it feels good. The writing has been on the walls for some time. I finally came to grips with it this weekend when I recognized "this" wasn't working and I decided to do something about it.

Most people feel the same way I do, yet, wouldn't dare admit their relationship isn't working... let alone do something about it.


The Unknown

Written by Amanda Blanck

The unknown is a beautiful place.

Too much of our life we are trying to control our future. We only know a fraction of information at any given minute. Consider the impact that has on your decisions.

There is more for you when you let go of the stress trying to pre-determine an outcome. 


The sumo lifestyle

Written by Ryan Blanck, CPF, CPT

Ever wonder how sumo wrestlers get so big? I have and did a little research and found some commonalities:


Coloring Inside the Lines

Written by Amanda Blanck

Are you putting other people first before taking care of yourself? Are you zapped and frustrated by other people’s behavior? How do you prefer people to treat you and who do you want to be around? 

Boundaries are imaginary lines we establish around ourselves to protect our souls, hearts, and minds from the unhealthy or damaging behavior of others. We extend boundaries so we can build a reserve and live the life we prefer to have.