10 Minutes to Great Leadership

Written by Jen Bertsch

Many people mistakenly believe that you’re either born with a deep level of motivationor you’re not. In fact, motivation is a learned skill that is more of a way of life than a neatly wrapped set of tips and techniques.

Having a strong sense of self-motivation is essential to lead yourself. After all, you need to be able to effectively lead yourself before you can lead others well.

I’ve found that motivation requires 3 things:


The Little Boy and Sugar

Written by Amanda Blanck

Let me tell you the tale of the Little Boy and His Sugar:

One day a mother came to Gandhi with her little boy for help. She asked Gandhi, "Please, Bapu, will you tell my little boy to stop eating sugar. He simply eats too much sugar and will not stop." Gandhi told the mother to leave and come back with the boy in three days.


Relaxation vs. Distraction

Written by Matt Poinsett

For most of my life, I equated distraction with relaxation. I’d watch a movie, surf the web, or mindlessly engage in some meaningless task and say I was relaxing. It would allow my mind to focus on something besides the often turbulent thoughts streaming through my head. 

These distractions would give me a momentary reprieve, but the stressful thoughts and uncomfortable feelings were ALWAYS there waiting for me when I turned off the TV or attempted to refocus on being productive. 


Achieving Goals

Written by Matt Poinsett

Setting goals is easy. It's simple to think of something you want to do, write it down, and set a date you are going to do it by. The hard part comes in actually achieving them. So how do you do it? In my years of setting my own goals, teaching others how to set theirs, I have found there are three keys to actually achieving those goals:


The Farmer and the Wise Man

Written by Angie Clark

Let me tell you the tale of the Farmer and the Wise Man:

A farmer went to the wise man and said, “My ox has died and isn’t that the worst thing? Just the worst thing?”

The wise man said “Maybe it is and Maybe it isn’t.”


Racing Mind

Written by Ryan Blanck, CPF, CPT

Does this ring true for you…

Have you ever had sleepless nights when thoughts constantly race through your mind and seem to never stop? And, sometimes it feels like those thoughts fly around your head faster than Superman and that speeding bullet?

There is only one-way to effectively clear your mind and get that much needed rest: offload.


4 Tips for More Freedom

Written by Jen Bertsch

In my younger years I was called a procrastinator. Because of this I had limiting beliefs about my ability to be organized. 

I reluctantly dialed into a conference call that promised to help “creative-types” get more organized. To my surprise this helped me embrace a new mindset on organization: my organization will look different from others. This gave me freedom in how I managed my day, which oddly I didn't realize before. You don't have to follow a prescribed method to the T, you can build a strategy that works for you.

Here are four of my favorite tips that will help you define and improve how you manage your day.


Less Is More

Written by Ryan Blanck, CPF, CPT

Ernest Hemingway is credited with getting the most out of the least. Meaning, he was able to tell compelling stories because of his strong command of the English language and using few words.

For Hemingway, words were currency and he didn’t spend much.


What Would You Have Done?

Written by Angie Clark

In December of 1990 I got out my Bible and read the book of Job and then asked, “What are you going to send me next? Locusts or the plague? Haven’t I passed the test yet?"

In a five year period, my father died, my husband died at 43 years old with no life insurance, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, my 20 year old stepson who lived with me was killed in a car accident and 2 months later they closed my department at work and I was without a job.


How To Strengthen Your Organization

Written by Amanda Blanck

If you took six weeks to focus on strengthening your organization, imagine what you could get out of that. Here are the top six areas of focus to strengthen organizations. Pick one each week for the next six weeks and see major changes in under two months.