Will Your Survive Success?

Written by Amanda Blanck

You work your talented you-know-what off, put your dreams on the line, and achieve success. Now what? Those dreams didn’t prime you for the burdens of success. 

What can you do to ensure you enjoy a long-standing journey?


The 3 Cs of Personal Branding

Written by Jen Bertsch

Have you ever met someone who had so many interests and directions that they were hard to follow? Or someone who, sadly, was not very memorable?

In contrast, have you ever met someone who was so excited about what they do that you couldn’t forget them? 

What sets these people apart? Three things: Clarity, consistency, and constancy


Cycle of Collusion

Written by Matt Poinsett

How frequently are you shooting yourself in the foot? How many reasons have you given people to treat you completely contrary to how you want to be treated? What impact have your assumption had on how others interact with you?


You Don't Know His Story

Written by Ryan Blanck, CPF, CPT

A friend of mine grew up a National Hockey League fan. As a matter of fact, Trevor and I love the Red Wings and have enjoyed a few Stanley Cup Championships together.

As a child he dreamed of once playing in the “bigs” and he skated around the frozen ponds in his hometown.

As Trevor began to mature his talent grew as well. He made his way to the college ranks and was flying high. One day he realized he would be a good player, not a great player.


Two Ears, One Mouth

Written by Angie Clark

When we think of communication, we often think that what we are going to say is "communicating". Actually, Communication comes from the Latin communicare meaning “to share”. In other words, there must be a sender and a receiver.


10 Minutes to Great Leadership

Written by Jen Bertsch

Many people mistakenly believe that you’re either born with a deep level of motivationor you’re not. In fact, motivation is a learned skill that is more of a way of life than a neatly wrapped set of tips and techniques.

Having a strong sense of self-motivation is essential to lead yourself. After all, you need to be able to effectively lead yourself before you can lead others well.

I’ve found that motivation requires 3 things:


The Little Boy and Sugar

Written by Amanda Blanck

Let me tell you the tale of the Little Boy and His Sugar:

One day a mother came to Gandhi with her little boy for help. She asked Gandhi, "Please, Bapu, will you tell my little boy to stop eating sugar. He simply eats too much sugar and will not stop." Gandhi told the mother to leave and come back with the boy in three days.


Relaxation vs. Distraction

Written by Matt Poinsett

For most of my life, I equated distraction with relaxation. I’d watch a movie, surf the web, or mindlessly engage in some meaningless task and say I was relaxing. It would allow my mind to focus on something besides the often turbulent thoughts streaming through my head. 

These distractions would give me a momentary reprieve, but the stressful thoughts and uncomfortable feelings were ALWAYS there waiting for me when I turned off the TV or attempted to refocus on being productive. 


Achieving Goals

Written by Matt Poinsett

Setting goals is easy. It's simple to think of something you want to do, write it down, and set a date you are going to do it by. The hard part comes in actually achieving them. So how do you do it? In my years of setting my own goals, teaching others how to set theirs, I have found there are three keys to actually achieving those goals:


The Farmer and the Wise Man

Written by Angie Clark

Let me tell you the tale of the Farmer and the Wise Man:

A farmer went to the wise man and said, “My ox has died and isn’t that the worst thing? Just the worst thing?”

The wise man said “Maybe it is and Maybe it isn’t.”