Be Strategic With Your Time and Talents

Written by Amanda Blanck

What if my LinkedIn profile read I was a coach, graphic artist, accountant, project manager, writer, and sales manager? 

You would think I was a really confused and an unfocused person. How could I possibly be great at all those things? 

What is that version in your life? 


How Many Direct Reports Should You Have?

We’ve found too many leaders over-promise and under-deliver. They don’t mean to… it just happens. 

We’ve also found that people don’t quit their “job” they truthfully “break up” with their boss. Nine times out of 10, people quit people. 

Majority of the time when we ask bright, emerging leaders … What’s one thing you expected from your boss that you aren’t getting? … what do you think is their response? 


Is the Payoff Worth It?

Written by Amanda Blanck

Think about the behaviors you have you wish you could change:

  • Over committed
  • Micro-manager
  • People pleaser at the sacrifice of yourself
  • Works all the time
  • Involved in the drama

Subconsciously you have a deep inner belief fueling these behaviors. You wouldn’t do it unless there was some sort of payoff. 


500 Reps

Written by Ryan Blanck, CPF, CPT

How many times have you walked into the gym and not know what you should do for a workout? 

Or… let’s say you have a detailed training program but you’re on the road and don’t have access to your traditional equipment. Have you ever struggled trying to figure out what to do for a workout?

I have.


Confessions from the Ego

Written by Amanda Blanck

We have needs: to stand out, be special, and in control. We are all insecure, fluctuating between feelings of inferiority and superiority. The ego seeks sympathy and takes interest in your problems.


Lessons From a Three Year Old

One of our clients had to rush herself to the hospital. Stress is a killer and she was on her way, no joke, to working herself to death.

She’s a budding executive not quite 40 years old and her body gave out …  literally crying out “enough is enough.”

Well, I hear this news, and, as you can imagine, I picked up the phone.

Here’s what I found out…


Mental Obesity

Written by Phil Towle

It’s well documented that we’re a nation dangerously overweight...but are we also becoming mentally obese?

An over-indulging society of excess, whose binge overloading of mindless information, leaves us wisdom malnourished...


You Have Enough Time

Written by Amanda Blanck get a work out in each day. It can be done in five minutes. We all have five minutes for what I believe is your #1 wealth: health.

Whether you have five minutes or an hour here are some ways to get your sweat on! 


Learn a lot from nothing

Written by Ryan Blanck, CPF, CPT

There have been many new subscribers to our blog; thank you for signing up and welcome to our family. If you’re relatively new, odds are you don’t know that I suffered from three hernias and needed a sobering operation earlier this year.

To get caught up, please read this before moving on. It’s one of my favorite entries and it went viral --- you’ll see why.

There is more to the story…


Will Your Survive Success?

Written by Amanda Blanck

You work your talented you-know-what off, put your dreams on the line, and achieve success. Now what? Those dreams didn’t prime you for the burdens of success. 

What can you do to ensure you enjoy a long-standing journey?