Sweaty companies

Written by Amanda Blanck

How you can improve your company by investing in this one minute a day.

I’m dreaming of a company who has mandatory recess breaks where staff members gather to walk dogs, jump rope, throw the football, and play volleyball. At this company, the early-afternoon “crash” doesn’t exist because they don’t allow it to

As a matter of fact, everyone looks forward to their 2PM “brain-break” because they’ve experienced how it propels their creativity, productivity, and mood. In addition to making healthier, happier employees, this company enjoys a collaborative culture!

Let’s face it; we know obesity is a problem. We also know exercise gives you energy and happy hormones. I’ll take a super-sized order of that please. 

Don’t have this going on within your company? Do something about it.

Recently, while working at Penn State University, a group of our clients invited me to participate in their power-push-up-minute

Everyday they come together to knock out as many push-ups as possible (collectively) in one minute. They track their performance, progress, and growth by recording their individual and team total on a calendar posted on the wall.

It was awesome; we pumped blood and oxygen through our bodies while connecting with one another. 

Christy, a leader of the group, told me, “Conversations start up that otherwise wouldn’t. The team dynamic has improved from the small effort in put into the power-push-up-minute.”

Inspire and empower your employees to get up, move, and have fun at work… that email can wait. Your team should value two priorities: efficiency and workability. Maximize this by incorporating easy and playful movement at work.

We all know this… goal-setting, social influence, and incentives work. 

  • Create incentives around individual and team goals like catered lunches, new running shoes, or movie tickets.
  • Establish a captain motivator (these people tend to get the most results from the program).

People are influenced by peers, positivity and motivation… it’s contagious. 

We experience higher levels of happiness, energy, and engagement when we feel we have a sense of control in our lives. Let them choose whether they want to participate, what activities are offered, and how they participate. Let word of mouth carry the value of your program. 

These programs are more successful when owned by the employees rather than policedby management. It's all about them... not the company.

It’s about positive changes, offering your staff choices and opportunity to live healthier and have more fun.

Sweat on,


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sweaty companies 

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Amanda believes embracing a healthier, happier life to achieve peak performance. Her knack is for performance optimization, management, and communication delivered through group and individual coaching. She is a certified life coach, personal trainer, health coach and yoga instructor.

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