This is what you get when you blend body and mind with
leadership development, collaboration, and strategic planning.

A day in the life of Deviate and one of our clients, CrossFit Annapolis. This video highlights the topics, questions, and activities of our Alignment Retreat, which is the first phase of our Organizational Design Initiative. This retreat was hosted at the United States Naval Academy and Chesapeake Bay Foundation's world HQ in Annapolis, MD for the senior leadership team of CrossFit Annapolis.

We lead difference-makers in business, sports, and entertainment to deviate from the norm to achieve the extraordinary.

In the pursuit of greatness, there is no such thing as resting, coasting, or simply maintaining; staying on top is often more difficult than getting there. Once we've tasted success it fuels our desire for more; and, with it comes higher expectations and pressure. Greatness is achieved by going off track, on purpose and by willfully deviating from sameness, average, and ordinary.

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          Articles & Press Releases


          • Two Ears, One Mouth

            Angie Clark

            When we think of communication, we often think that what we are going to say is "communicating". Actually, Communication comes from the Latin communicare meaning “to share”. In other words, there must be a sender and a receiver.

          • 10 Minutes to Great Leadership

            Jen Bertsch

            Many people mistakenly believe that you’re either born with a deep level of motivationor you’re not. In fact, motivation is a learned skill that is more of a way of life than a neatly wrapped set of tips and techniques.

            Having a strong sense of self-motivation is essential to lead yourself. After all, you need to be able to effectively lead yourself before you can lead others well.

            I’ve found that motivation requires 3 things: