This is what you get when you blend body and mind with
leadership development, collaboration, and strategic planning.

A day in the life of Deviate and one of our clients, CrossFit Annapolis. This video highlights the topics, questions, and activities of our Alignment Retreat, which is the first phase of our Organizational Design Initiative. This retreat was hosted at the United States Naval Academy and Chesapeake Bay Foundation's world HQ in Annapolis, MD for the senior leadership team of CrossFit Annapolis.

We lead difference-makers in business, sports, and entertainment to deviate from the norm to achieve the extraordinary.

In the pursuit of greatness, there is no such thing as resting, coasting, or simply maintaining; staying on top is often more difficult than getting there. Once we've tasted success it fuels our desire for more; and, with it comes higher expectations and pressure. Greatness is achieved by going off track, on purpose and by willfully deviating from sameness, average, and ordinary.

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          Articles & Press Releases


          • The Little Boy and Sugar

            Amanda Blanck

            Let me tell you the tale of the Little Boy and His Sugar:

            One day a mother came to Gandhi with her little boy for help. She asked Gandhi, "Please, Bapu, will you tell my little boy to stop eating sugar. He simply eats too much sugar and will not stop." Gandhi told the mother to leave and come back with the boy in three days.

          • Relaxation vs. Distraction

            Matt Poinsett

            For most of my life, I equated distraction with relaxation. I’d watch a movie, surf the web, or mindlessly engage in some meaningless task and say I was relaxing. It would allow my mind to focus on something besides the often turbulent thoughts streaming through my head. 

            These distractions would give me a momentary reprieve, but the stressful thoughts and uncomfortable feelings were ALWAYS there waiting for me when I turned off the TV or attempted to refocus on being productive.